Sunday, September 27, 2009

Internet Mortgage Leads in Real Time

For loan officers and mortgage brokers on the market for internet mortgage leads, buying in real time is one method you definitely want to consider.

For starters, without the internet, it would be impossible to even buy your mortgage leads in real time.

Real time leads are mortgage leads that are delivered directly to your doorstep within seconds of the customer submitting their on-line application.

The benefit of purchasing internet mortgage leads in real time is the amount of time you will save. You would no longer have to call numerous prospects in order to get one application.

Real time leads are fresh and the prospect is waiting on your call.

With most internet mortgage companies, real time works like this.

You open up an account with the mortgage lead company and set up a filter specific to the type of leads you are looking for, ie. State, LTV, loan amount, credit rating, etc.

Once a lead is submitted by the customer to the mortgage lead company and it matches your filter, it is delivered to you immediately by way of e-mail.

Basically, all the work is done for you by the mortgage lead company. Once they send you the lead, make the call and take the application.

By Jay Conners

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