Sunday, February 22, 2009

Online Mortgages: Online Mortgage Applications and Obtaining Low Mortgage Rates Online

Mortgage Loans

There are several different types of mortgage loans. Some of the main types of amortized loans represent the adjustable rate mortgage and the fixed rate mortgage. Many mortgages are available online as well as online mortgage quotes.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Fixed rate mortgage interest rate and the monthly payment is always fixed for the duration of the mortgage loan. Some of the common mortgage terms are 10, 15, 20, and 30 years. In the recent years some lenders have been offering terms that are amortized for 40 and 50 year mortgage terms.

Adjustable (Variable) Rate Mortgage

Adjustable or variable rate mortgage interest rate is fixed for an agreed period of time. After the expiration of this time, it will periodically adjust upwards or downwards according to market index levels. Those indices include the Prime Rate, the London Interbank Offered Rate, and the T-Bill (Treasury Index).

Mortgage Rates : Bad Credit Good Credit Game

Lenders refer to the borrowers' credit reports and credit scores when approving a mortgage application. The better (higher) the score, the better rates a borrower can obtain. Lower credit scores, however mean higher risk to the lender, therefore mortgage lenders will require higher interest rates in order to compensate for the increased risk.

Balloon Type Mortgages

A balloon, or partial amortization loans are the ones in which the mortgage monthly payments are calculated over a certain period of time. The outstanding principal balance is payable at by the end of the mortgage term. This type of payment of the principal is also called a balloon payment. A balloon mortgage loan can either be of fixed or an adjustable interest Rate.

Online Mortgage Applications and Obtaining Low Mortgage Rates Online

Mortgages online can typically be obtained at lower online rates. Many people save thousands of dollars when applying for a mortgage online or when getting an online mortgage quote.

By Nathan Trump

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Mortgage Made Easy

Synchronize your brain with mortgage dictionary to understand the basic concepts of mortgage. Everybody will finance a mortgage loan in some point of life. In fact, a large percentage of the total household credit in North America constitutes residential mortgage. Since purchasing a home is substantial amount of money, Residential Mortgage is the most common way to acquire a home.

Mortgage Loan

The physical property holds and secures the loan. It is a loan to finance the purchase of property, or real estate in a specified period payment and interest rates. The lenders serve the right to repossess the property or real estate in case of default.

Face Value

The borrower promises to the pay the original principal amount which is the face value of the mortgage.

Mortgagor and Mortgagee

Mortgagor is also called the borrower or owner, while Mortgagee is also called the lender. In the mortgage contract, it states the lender who serves the right to repossess the real estate in the event of default. You can also see the same information on the title of the property which is registered at the provincial government's land title office.


The lender usually sets up a 20 or 25 year amortization period which is how long to repay the whole mortgage. The term of a mortgage divides the amortization period into several length of time. Most Mortgagees commonly offers 6 months to 5 year term in fixed interest rates.

First mortgage and Second mortgage

The first mortgage refers to the current mortgage, while the second mortgage refers to the additional mortgage. Financial institutions offer Home Equity Loans and Home Improvement Loans which are good example of second mortgage.

By Dennis Estrada

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