Sunday, August 23, 2009

When to Refinance Your Mortgage

Mortgages are easily the most intimidating aspect of home ownership. Understanding how the mortgage industry works and when to refinance your mortgage can be a difficult task. A free mortgage guide can help you decipher mortgages and answer the question when you should refinance.
Mortgage interest rates are still at historically low levels. If you financed your original mortgage at a higher interest rate you could potentially benefit from refinancing your mortgage. Additional reasons for refinancing include lowering your monthly mortgage payment and cashing out equity in your home.

Mortgage refinancing is simply the process of taking out a new mortgage to pay off the first mortgage. Cash out refinancing is borrowing more than the amount due on your first mortgage. The mortgage lender will pay you the difference between the new mortgage and your old mortgage at closing; cash out mortgages are a great way to use equity in your home for home improvement projects or to pay off high interest debt.

There are a number of factors regarding your finances to consider if you are contemplating refinancing.

Has Your Credit Improved?

Are Mortgage Interest Rates 2% Lower Than Your Current Rate?

Has Your Income Increased?

These are all reasons that might prompt you to refinance your current mortgage loan. Improving the terms and conditions on your loan should be one objective if you decide to refinance in addition to the interest rate.

Something that might prevent you from refinancing your mortgage is a prepayment penalty. If current your lender is going to charge you a penalty for refinancing your mortgage this could make it unfavorable with the other expenses associated with refinancing your mortgage loan. You should do you homework and research lenders to find out if refinancing is right for you; a free mortgage guide can help you decide how much you will save and which mortgage loan is right for you.

By Louie Latour

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