Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mortgage Interest Rates: Can You Predict Mortgage Interest Rate Trends?

If you are a homeowner, mortgage interest rates are an important aspect of your finances. The interest rate you qualify for is the price you pay to finance your home. Mortgage interest rates change frequently under the influence of many economic factors. If you are in the process of taking out a new mortgage or refinancing your old mortgage can you predict the optimal mortgage interest rate?

Before applying for a mortgage it is important to know what interest rates have been doing. If interest rates are rising you will have to work harder to find a good deal for your mortgage. Can you predict when interest rates will rise and fall? The answer is simply “no” and anyone that tells you that they can is selling something.

Rather than spending your time trying to forecast mortgage interest rates you are much better off doing your homework and researching mortgage offers. This will allow you to choose the best mortgage for your financial situation. Interest rates are important; however, they are only one aspect of the loan that you need to consider.

Many homeowners make the mistake of focusing solely on mortgage interest rates. If you do this you will overlook other expenses such as discount and origination points as well as closing costs. You can learn more about finding the best mortgage while avoiding common mistakes by registering for a free mortgage guidebook: “Five Things You Need to Know About Your Mortgage.”

By Louie Latour

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Finance Matters said...

I agree, however, speaking of interest rates, you are probably going to not see interest rates drop much lower than now. Also, it will be hard to beat the low home prices you are seeing now. Now is a great time to take advantage of low interest rates and low home values if you are a potential home buyer!

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